Newton Candidates Questionnaires 2017

Progressive Newton is excited to announce its 2017 candidate endorsement process.

A few weeks ago, all candidates for local office in Newton were sent a survey on issues of local and state importance.  Below are the ones we have received so far.  We expect to add a few more over this next week.

Based on these surveys and the recommendation of our endorsement committee, we’ll be asking our members to see which candidates you want to see us endorse.

In order to participate in the endorsement vote, all you need to do is be progressive, live in Newton, and to be an active member of Progressive Newton / Progressive Massachusetts by Monday, September 4th!

Click here to join:


Newton Mayoral Candidates

2017 Mayor Al Cecchinelli

2017 Mayor Ruthanne Fuller

2017 Mayor Scott Lennon

2017 Mayor Amy Sangiolo

Newton City Council Candidates

Ward One At-Large Council 

2017-CC W1 AL Nicole Castillo

2017-CC W1 AL Alison Leary

Ward One Council

2017-CC W1 Ward Maria Greenberg

Ward Two At-Large Council

2017-CC W2 AL Susan Albright

2017-CC W2 AL Jake Auchincloss

Ward Three At-Large Council

2017-CC W3 AL Andrea Kelley

2017-CC W3 AL Julia Malakie

Ward Four At-Large Council

2017-CC W4 AL Josh Krintzman

Ward Four Council

2017-CC W4 Chris Markiewicz

2017 CC W4 Allison Sharma

Ward Five At-Large Council

2017-CC W5 AL Deb Crossley

2017-CC W5 AL Andreae Downs

2017-CC W5 AL Brian Yates

Ward Six City Council

2017-CC W6 Ward Brenda Noel

Ward Seven At-Large Council

2017-CC W7 AL Becky Walker Grossman

Ward Eight At-Large Council

2017-CC W8 AL David Kalis

2017-CC W8 AL Rick Lipof

Ward Eight Council

2017-CC W8 Cheryl Lappin


Newton School Committee Candidates

Ward One

2017-SC W1 Bridget Ray-Canada

2017-SC W1 Kathy Marchi

Ward Two

2017-SC W2 Margaret Albright

2017-SC W2 Cyrus Vaghar

Ward Three

2017-SC W3 Eileen Sandberg

2017-SC W3 Anping Shen

Ward Four

Ward Five

Ward Six

2017-SC W6 Ruth Goldman

Ward Seven

2017-SC W7 Kathy Shields

Ward Eight

2017-SC W8 Matthew Miller

2017-SC W8 Gail Spector



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